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Walking with The Gods

Walking With The Gods is the result of Dr. Wilkerson’s 3-year long ethnographic survey of 120 contemporary Western polytheists that offers a startling, intimate and detailed view of this emerging religious practice and raises important theological questions about our culture’s assumptions regarding Deity, faith, religion, nature, and humanity’s relationship with each. Through thorough analysis and articulate ethnography, Dr. Wilkerson demonstrates how these emerging religious practices constitute a unique religiosity that substantially differs from the concerns of a contemporary Western culture that is dominated by a monotheist perspective.




Dr. Danger’s Fearsome Critters and Lumberjack Lore Activity Book

Everyone loves a lumberjack! From their awesome beards to their plaid work shirts and logging boots, the iconic North American lumberjack is a man to be respected and admired by all. But these tough, industrious fellas weren’t just rugged outdoorsmen; they were the keepers of vital and arcane lore: the tales of The Fearsome Critters! These magnificent beasties can make even the burliest, toughest, and bravest lumberjack quake in his logging boots, and his very survival depended on his ability to outwit them if he could, and outrun them it he couldn’t. Join the fearless and intrepid Dr. Danger as she tracks across the country to find the  Central American  Whinetosser,  the Wampus Cat, the Hidebehind, the Axehandle Hound, and many more. Let’s see if these if the critters from those lumberjack tales really are as fearsome as everyone thinks.



Deco District App

When you hear the word “Tulsa,” you may think of cowboys, of Bob Wills, or even S. E. Hinton’s The Outsiders. Chances are, you don’t think about the world-class architecture to be found in the city. From our pristine International Mid-Century Modern Civic complex and  to our Art Deco masterpieces downtown, Tulsa’s architectural history is startling and impressive. There are few areas in the city more impressive than the10-block Deco District downtown, with its Art Deco, Beaux-Arts, Mid-Century Modern, and Neo-Gothic showpieces. This web-based app is a 60-minute walking tour of the Deco District, with historical information about each of the noteworthy buildings and an interactive list of the shops and eateries to be found in the District.


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Dr. Danger’s Big Cryptid Activity Book: North America

Dr. Danger is an intrepid explorer who loves to find out all about the creepy and fantastic beasts of myth and legend. This activity book has 40 pages of word puzzles, activities, and coloring pages featuring your favorite mythological monsters from North America. Mothman, Chupacabra, Wendigo, La Llorona, and the Jersey Devil are but a few of the terrible and awesome creatures you will encounter in these pages.