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Walking With the Gods is an ethnography-based exploration of the polytheist religious practices that are emerging in contemporary Western culture.  Dr. W. D. Wilkerson conducted a 2-year ethnographic survey with people whose religious practice focuses on honoring the ancient Deities, the ancestors, and the land upon which they live. The original study included 120 participants, 25 of whom share their personal experiences with us in this volume. Dr. Wilkerson’s findings regarding the common philosophies and practices shared by the members of this diverse group raise very salient questions about prevailing Western assumptions regarding Deity, faith, religion, nature, and the relationship between humanity and the Divine. Any student of theology, religious history, folklore, mythology, or culture is sure to be interested in this book. Publication date: Spring, 2014.

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Dr. Danger’s Big Cryptid Activity Book: North America

Dr. Danger is an intrepid explorer who loves to find out all about the creepy and fantastic beasts of myth and legend. This activity book has 40 pages of word puzzles, activities, and coloring pages featuring your favorite mythological monsters from North America. Mothman, Chupacabra, Wendigo, La Llorona, and the Jersey Devil are but a few of the terrible and awesome creatures you will encounter in these pages. Publication date: Winter 2014.

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Words of Flame: An Anthology of Devotional Fiction, edited by W.D. Wilkerson and Brijit Emma Cross

During her 3-year ethnography project on contemporary western polytheism, Dr. W. D. Wilkerson discovered that many of her respondents were also writers and poets whose art is directly related to their relationships with their Deities. These interviews prompted Dr. Wilkerson to ask an interesting question: If They knew that we were still listening, what stories would the Goddesses and Gods tell us  about themselves, each other, and their lives? Would They change the old myths? Ask us to re-think what we thought we understood about those myths? Or would They give us new ones altogether? Words of Flame: An Anthology of Devotional Fiction seeks to answer these questions and more. This collection of short fiction goes beyond the reinvention and reuse of folklore and myth, because the authors are pagans whose work is inspired by their own devotional relationships with the Deities about whom they write. If the Gods were speaking, what might They say? Would you listen? Publication date: Spring 2015.