Is your work based on folklore, mythology, or other cultural traditions? Do you create mobile apps, visual novels, interactive fiction, or immersive-scenario story-rich games? Have a secret desire to publish insanely fantastic coloring/activity books and apps for children? Are you a poet, an essayist, of a fiction writer? Are you looking for a booster publishing platform from which to grow that respects your rights to keep your work?

Send us your stuff!

All interested parties should send a cover letter along with brief your bio, a one-paragraph synopsis of the work, a detailed statement about intended audiences and a paragraph discussing your reasons for creating the work.

  • Non-fiction book-length manuscripts: the introduction and a chapter from the work.
  • Fiction book-length manuscripts: send the first two chapters of your book along with a plotline breakdown.
  • Short fiction authors should send no more than three stories of stories between 2000-10000 words long.
  • Poets should send no fewer than four pieces of no more than 500 apiece.
  • Multimedia authors: Send your pitch, along with design documents, links to works in progress and working prototypes. Note that our primary interest is in digital works and narrative games as stories, rather than as video games proper.

Selected shorter works and poetry may be released online prior to print or digital publication. Visual novels, interactive fiction, and narratige games will be released online in conjunction with Steam.

Submission Guidelines

  1. While simultaneous submissions are permissible, if your story is accepted for printing by Connaissance Sankofa Press, the submitting author must immediately pull it from consideration by any other publisher.
  2. All works must submitted in .doc format. If you are using a word processing program that does not save in .doc format, you can upload your final draft to and convert the file into a .doc before you submit it.
  3. Please submit your story via email attachment to
  4. Connaissance Sankofa Media will collaborate with authors whose work shows promise but is in need of developmental editing in order to ensure that the best version of their work goes into print. We especially like to work with authors who embrace editing and revision as parts of their creative process.If Connaissance Sankofa Media has made a commitment to helping you develop your work, it is expected that the work will not be withdrawn for any reason, or submitted to another publisher without our having been able to publish it first.
  5. Response time is 30-40 days, although we occasionally are able respond much sooner.
  6. Author royalties will be approximately 4% of the net sales profit of each book sold, paid quarterly. Books will be available in digital and print format and sold through Amazon, Smashwords, B& N, the Apple Store, and Games, visual novels, and interactive fiction will be published to Steam, the Apple Store, and Google Play.
  7. Authors retain copyright and publishing rights of their work, which is exclusively licensed to Connaissance Sankofa Media for a period of two years upon acceptance for publication. After this time, the license becomes open and the author is free to submit their work to other publishers, provided that Connaissance Sankofa Media retains the license to publish future editions of the collection in which the work is contained. We retain the license to continue to publish the work in future editions of the Words of Flame anthology, but will not include it in any other collection or anthology without agreement of the author.
  8. All material is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs  CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 International license.If you must withdraw a story, we won’t consider publishing any version of it in the future. As a matter of courtesy, please email us to explain why you are withdrawing your work. This is especially important if you wish to have us consider different works from you in future.

Send materials to: Among the benefits of publishing with Connaissance Sankofa Mediais that authors receive 80% of the royalties earned from each work, under the terms of a creative commons publishing agreement wherein authors retain all rights to their work and are allowed to submit their work for publication elsewhere beginning thee years after the publication date.

For more information, please Contact Us.