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Coloring Book Pages Illustrator needed for Dr. Danger’s Big Cryptid Activity Book: North America

I need 30 black and white line-art SVG illustrations for a children’s activity book. The images will be depictions of the monsters of North American folklore and mythology. I have chosen the 30 creatures I want illustrated. Three of them are the Wendigo, the Chupacabra, and the Jersey Devil. I’ll also send the compiled information about the creature, its habitat, the culture from which it comes, its alleged habits and food preferences, and the folk tales about the creature, all to help you envision the creature you will be drawing. The resulting image should be a full-body view of the creature in its habitat. The work needs to be finished by September 1, 2015. The pay rate is a $300.00 USD, or $10.00 per image, and the artist will earn 50% of the sales royalties generated by the activity book after printing and publication costs have been covered. I’d prefer to have a single artist for this project, but I’m willing to use more than one if the artists’ styles mesh and it will get the work finished sooner. This project is ideal for an illustrator just starting their career who wants a fun project to put on their CV, or for an art school student who needs some extra cash and wants a fun way to earn it. If you are interested, please drop me an email introducing yourself with a link to your online portfolio and we’ll go from there.

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Independent Thought:Young man blowing fire from his mouth a new series from Connaissance Sankofa Media. We are now accepting manuscripts for the Independent Thought book series. The series will focus on independent research and scholarship on the topics of folk art, religion, folklore, mythology, cultural studies, paganism, and traditional culture. Interested parties should send a cover letter with brief your bio, a one paragraph synopsis of the work, and a brief statement about intended audiences and the reasons for writing the book, along with the introduction and a chapter from the work. Send materials to: Among the benefits of publishing with Independent Thoughts is that authors receive 80% of the royalties earned from each title, under the terms of a creative commons publishing agreement wherein authors retain all rights to their work and are allowed to submit their work for publication elsewhere beginning thee years after the publication date.


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Words of Flame: An Anthology of Devotional Fiction, edited by W.D. Wilkerson and Brijit Emma Cross As long as books have been published, there have been writers reinventing and recontextualizing the ancient myths. During the 2-year ethnography project about contemporary western polytheism upon which Walking with The Gods was based, Dr. Wilkerson discovered that many of her respondents were also writers and poets whose art is directly related to their relationships with their Deities. However, the stakes are considerably higher for pagans, multi-deists, and devotional polytheists who write about their Deities, because their work is inspired by, and very often intertwined with, their devotional relationships with Them. Quite often, the entire creative process as well as the stories thus crafted constitutes an offering of devotion to the Divinities. In some instances, there may even be a feeling of co-authorship with the Deity or Deities about whom one is writing.This sense of connection and reverence tends to lend a very unique tone to stories which might otherwise be classified as rebooted mythos in popular fiction. It is Connaissance Sankofa’s desire to publish an anthology of devotional fiction that showcases the talents and perspectives of authors who are inspired by and devoted to their Deities. Our philosophy for creating this anthology is that mythology should no longer be considered a body of literary artifacts immutably set in stone and relegated to the fairy tales section. Rather, our understanding of myth is that it is a constantly evolving body of sacred narratives that illuminate the spiritual truths of the Old Gods, as well as Their personalities and Their relationships with the mundane world. Several authors have already submitted pieces for this anthology, but in order to publish a robust volume, we will need to have many, many more works.

Words of Flame Submission Guidelines

1. Submissions are due by November 30, 2014. Each author may submit up to 3 different works of short fiction for consideration in the anthology.  We are not accepting poetry or nonfiction for the anthology at this time, however drama is acceptable. If you are specifically looking for opportunities to publish your devotional poetry, please check out Asphodel Press and Neos Alexandria.

2. Simultaneous submissions are permissible. However, if your story is accepted for printing by Connaissance Sankofa Press, the submitting author must immediately pull it from consideration by any other publisher.

3. All stories must be between 2000-8000 words long (preferably less than 4500) and submitted in .doc format. If you are using a word processing program that does not save in .doc format, you can upload your final draft to and convert the file into a .doc before you submit it.

4. Please submit your story via email attachment to In the email, please include the following information:

  • Legal name and pen name.
  • Provide a brief 3-4 line writer’s bio that mentions your personal religious practice and the scope of your writing activities.
  • Include a one-paragraph description of the inspiration behind your story, any devotional or spiritual components that might have gone into writing the story. For example, is this an alternate version of a well-known myth you discovered upon building a relationship with a particular Deity, spirit, ancestor, or other Divine Being?  Is it a story you felt led to write that addresses a gap in the knowledge about a particular Being’s history and the epithets or characteristics ascribed to them (of which Elizabeth Vongsvisith’s story “Andvari’s Bride” from Asphodel Press is an excellent example)? Is it a fiction piece featuring one or more of your Divinities in a modern context that you feel elucidates how They relate to and interact with the contemporary world? These are but three possibilities of the kinds of stories we are interested in publishing. If you think it is interesting, and it has been written in relationship to your spiritual endeavors or devotional religious practice, please submit it.
  • Our preference is to publish the work of Pagan, multi-deist, and devotional polytheist authors who have personal experiences with the Deities, spirits, ancestors, or other Beings about whom they are writing.  If you are a fiction author who thinks mythology and folklore are totes cool but you have no connection to or engagement with religious practices involving the Divinities about whom you write, we are not interested in publishing your work in this particular anthology.
  • Connaissance Sankofa Media will collaborate with authors whose work shows promise but is in need of developmental editing in order to ensure that the best version of their work goes into print. We especially like to work with authors who embrace editing and revision as parts of their creative process.
  • If Connaissance Sankofa Media has made a commitment to helping you develop your work, it is expected that the work will not be withdrawn for any reason, or submitted to another publisher without our having been able to publish it first.

5. Response time is 30-40 days, although we occasionally are able respond much sooner.

6.  Author royalties will be approximately 4% of the net sales profit of each book sold, paid quarterly. Books will be available in digital and print format and sold through Amazon, Smashwords, B& N, the Apple Store, and

7. Authors retain copyright and publishing rights of their work, which is exclusively licensed to Connaissance Sankofa Media for a period of two years upon acceptance for publication. After this time, the license becomes open and the author is free to submit their work to other publishers, provided that Connaissance Sankofa Media retains the license to publish future editions of the collection in which the work is contained. We retain the license to continue to publish the work in future editions of the Words of Flame anthology, but will not include it in any other collection or anthology without agreement of the author.

8. All material is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs  CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 International license.

9. If you must withdraw a story, we won’t consider publishing any version of it in the future. As a matter of courtesy, please email us to explain why you are withdrawing your story. This is especially important if you have submitted other stories for possible publication in the anthology, or if you wish to have us consider different works from you in future. For more information, please Contact Us.